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About PrideshillPrideshill Innovations is an Australian-based Education and Training consultancy business. During the past 15 years Prideshill has assisted many educational institutions, agencies and businesses with their professional development, curriculum and training needs. It has also arranged dozens of overseas study programs and camps for students.

With its home office in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Prideshill specialises in analysing educators’ needs and then designing and implementing programs to meet those needs.  Prideshill’s Director, Larry Gallagher, has worked in education for over 40 years and is able to use his experience and connections to provide a range of resources and personnel to ensure successful programs.

Prideshill’s second office is in Macau, China, where much of the company’s recent work has been done.  The Macau operation also acts as a base for projects in Asia. In recent years Prideshill has also developed projects in Singapore and Vietnam.

Much of Prideshill’s success had been based on flexibility, dedication to service and willingness to undertake any reasonable project.  It is committed to sharing Australian expertise with its Asian neighbours and to broadening the cultural awareness of Australian educators and students.

Previous clients have appreciated Prideshill’s ability to provide a complete package for their programs; from the professional educational program to accommodation and meals.  Prideshill is, however, distinctly different from a travel agency service.  Its focus is first and foremost the educational experience and it will not lose sight of its client’s goals.

As a private company Prideshill has the flexibility that government agencies and representatives of large institutions often do not.  This flexibility can benefit clients in many ways including the capacity to consider needs from an open perspective.  Clients can also reap cost benefits as Prideshill has no set scales it must charge.  Each project is costed individually, thus increasing the chance of affordability to the client.