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School Based Curriculum

The education system in Queensland, Prideshill’s home state in Australia, has a most significant history in School-Based curriculum development and implementation. As a Queensland school principal for 14 years Prideshill Director, Larry Gallagher, has an extensive working knowledge of the processes that facilitate effective School-Based curriculum planning and implementation. As a long-term school leader in new schools he oversaw the development of curriculum from inception. His experiences in writing curriculum during his time as a teacher and Head of Department also enhance his skills.

Training Teachers as Curriculum Developers

Prideshill is experienced in training teachers to become curriculum analysts, program writers and assessors. Emphasis in such training focuses on teacher professionalism and the need for schools to be responsive to their school community. Confidence building is also an essential element, particularly in Asia where teachers do not see themselves as having the necessary skills to develop curriculum.

Dual Certification

An increasing number of Chinese schools are seeking to find a mechanism that allows some of their elite students to study for both the Chinese Senior Certificate and Australian senior secondary qualifications. Prideshill has done considerable work in investigating the possibilities for achieving this goal. Schools interested in exploring the possibilities of students gaining Australian qualifications, should make contact with Prideshill.


Prideshill’s Director, Larry Gallagher, has considerable experience in designing and implementing frameworks for school innovation. He has been involved in sharing this experience in Australian, Chinese and Indonesian schools. Schools looking to enhance their program delivery through development of consistent frameworks for curriculum and teaching practice should contact Prideshill for more information.