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Study Tours

Schools or Education Bureaus wishing to have their students gain the benefits of international experience are welcome to contact Prideshill to organise such adventures.  Whether the focus of the Study Tour is to improve English language skills or purely for cultural familiarisation, Prideshill is able to design a program that will meet the students’ needs.   Tours will be provided with experienced leadership and special care is taken to ensure that students are placed in supportive, safe environments.  Programs can be undertaken for anything from a few days to a month or more as desired.

***Prideshill has also worked with Australian schools wishing to have their students engage in Study Tours in Asia.

English Summer Camps

It is not necessary for school students to travel to an English-speaking country to obtain a more intensive language experience.  Prideshill can organise Summer Camp situations that bring students together in activity-focused English language development in their own communities.


Many Asian secondary schools students hope to attend universities overseas.  Prideshill Director, Larry Gallagher, is regularly asked to address Senior student groups to discuss the expectations of tertiary study.  Such student counselling presentations are available for topics such as

  • preparation for enrolment interviews
  • what to expect at an overseas university
  • study routines.